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Image by Milada Vigerova


What My Patients Say

Check out some of the feedback from past patients detailing how I've helped improve their health and overall lifestyle. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and start your own healing process.

I saw Debra for Healing Touch. She helped unblock my energy in my body, helping to release old emotional and physical trauma that I had for 50 years!


Healing Touch with Debra and wow is all I can say. I had never heard of Healing Touch before but Debra explained the process and what she does in trying to align your energy so your body can heal faster. I was such a sceptic until after my second visit as I didn't feel drained anymore, my pain levels decreased and my energy increased tremendously.

Tina K

If you haven’t tried healing touch, you absolutely must!! For me it washed away the stress for my job and life in general. I feel happy and at peace after the treatments.

Heather B

I always feel like a "wet noodle" after the massage because I am so relaxed!


Debra lays her hands on my head and something magical happens.


My traps are always so tight. The techniques Debra uses the muscles just melt and I am able to move my arms.


I feel amazing after the massage not just the first 24hrs but for days like I havent felt this great in months.


Debra has magic hands and I will be forever greatful


I didn't know how great I felt until I got up and move.  Areas of my body can actually move now.


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