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Black Walnut Molasses

For those of us that have walnut trees in our yard and are tired of all the mess we wonder is there something I can do with them? They must be of use? Walnuts have been used for the thyroid, diabetes, fungal to name a few things and to eat!  Make some Molasses then some cookies! Yummy!


2 Clean pint or quart jar with lid               hammer             wax paper         *wide mouth funnel

Organic brown sugar (1/4 c or more)    * bowl/saucer to place under jar

Immature black walnuts (about the size of a quarter or smaller) the nuts will be mushy and easily smashed.                                            *Butter knife      *cheese cloth & rubber band


Collect nuts from under tree check for black spots or holes in nuts to ensure no bugs have invaded. The freshly fallen nuts have been aborted or the squirrels have knocked them off the trees. You may also pick them from the tree.

Set wax paper on table and fold in half placing several nuts between the paper.  Take a hammer and smash the nuts, next pour the smashed nuts in your jar. Repeat this process until jar is filled to the neck of your jar. 

Place funnel on jar pouring sugar over nuts. Using a butter knife poke sugar down (you may decide to add a few nuts then a little sugar and repeat the process).  The most important thing is to make sure the nuts are covered with the juice and sugar. What juice? We are adding no water as the moisture in the nuts is extracted by the sugar.  Set jar in a saucer away from direct sunlight on your counter.  I place mine on the counter to check on it the first week, check to see if nut submerged in juice and sugar, you may decide to shake or turn upside down.  If nuts not covered take butter knife and poke nuts down, if they don’t go under juice add a little more sugar to cover nuts. Rainy summers the nuts have produced enough juice within 24 hours and was ready to leave it set for next 4-6 weeks. 

At 4-6 weeks there will be some black juice in the saucer.    Place cheese cloth over clean jar and strain out nuts discarding in compost. Molasses will have a wonderful nutty lemon flavor.  Use in cooking especially molasses ginger cookies so tasty.

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