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What do you know about CBD?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common mental health issues worldwide, as per records from the World Health Organization (WHO). One in 13 people around the world lives with an anxiety disorder. Finding a safe and effective method for managing anxiety and stress symptoms is a critical concern for those living with them. Using CBD products to alleviate anxiety and stress might be of benefit to those suffering from it.

When left untreated, anxiety and stress can take a toll on a person’s life. These mental issues can worsen and cause panic attacks, headaches, irritability, extreme fatigue, loss of libido, and even an increase in blood pressure. These symptoms can become the reason why a person’s behavior and thinking pattern will drastically change

Enter cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD. It has recently captured the spotlight for being a complementary or alternative treatment for anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that CBD can encourage the brain to produce more serotonin – a neurotransmitter that can improve a person’s mood, boost happiness, and ward off symptoms of anxiety and stress. Having normal levels of serotonin in the body will make it easy for anyone to keep their mental health in check.

There are several judgment-free options in treating your crippling anxiety using CBD, thanks to its various forms of availability and overall versatility. The best ways to use cannabidiol for anxiety and stress-related issues include the following:


One common way to use CBD products to alleviate anxiety and stress is by doing CBD drops. Drops are placed underneath your tongue for fast absorption. You can also opt to add them to your food and smoothies. Depending on your preferences, you can add CBD drops in your salads and use it as a dressing, or in your meats for marinades. CBD naturally has a strong flavor that complements well with vegetables and meat.

Some drops of CBD in your coffee would also be an excellent idea for an extra kick in the morning. Cannabidiol drops for anxiety and stress offer a fast and easy way of getting all the goodness of cannabinoids as they go directly into your bloodstream.

There are flavored, and unflavored CBD drops for anxiety and stress. You can learn more about them at Happy Buddha. While you can choose any of the two, unflavored drops generally come as the best option. Unlike flavored drops, the unflavored ones have no risk of harmful ingredients or added flavorings. They give you pure cannabidiol in each drop. You won’t have to worry about added toxins while enjoying the full effects of the CBD drops.

Vape Oils

Using a special pen to vaporize the oil, one can vape CBD. At present, however, vaping’s safety has come under intense scrutiny. Many people have been hospitalized, and some died due to a severe lung condition called VAPI or EVALI. It has been found that most of the cases have a link to the use of vape cartridges from the illicit market. These devices are believed to have been tainted with tocopheryl acetate or vitamin E oil.

It’s essential to note that CBD cartridges that you can purchase from other sources, other than cannabis stores legalized and licensed by your state, are entirely unregulated. Always proceed with significant caution when planning to buy vaping products from an uncontrolled environment. As much as possible, opt for ones coming from legal state-licensed brands and companies.

If you’re using vape oils for the first time, exert time and effort to learn more about the reputable brands and companies operating in your area. Ask recommendations from your friends and family, and do some research online. The information you can acquire from these sources will give you an idea of the quality and efficacy of CBD oil sold by a specific brand or company.


If you want something that takes out the guesswork of CBD dosing, CBD edibles, like gummies, are a great option. You can take gummies without the risk of getting odd looks since they’re discreet, and using them in a multitude of environments is possible. It’s essential to note, however, that they’re not ideal during panic attacks or other similarly acute situations since gummies aren’t fast-acting.

Aside from gummies, you can also look at reputable brands, such as Happy Buddha and Ceres Medical for more options. Today, CBD edibles can come in chocolate bites, fresh mints, chill shots, and drinks. The number of CBD edibles you can choose from today will surely make it easy for you to find a product that suits your budget and lifestyle!


Some symptoms of anxiety and stress can be felt physically. The most significant signs of these disorders, of course, are, still, felt mentally and emotionally. If you’re experiencing chronic depression-associated joint and muscle pain, topical products, such as creams and sprays, can help.

CBD topicals are very easy to use. You just have to place a generous amount of the product to the affected area and wait for a couple of minutes to experience relief. CBD topicals are great for treating the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, which can usually include body pain and arthritis.

CBD Dosing for Anxiety and Stress

You’ll surely notice significant variations when it comes to CBD dosing for anxiety and stress if you have read some studies about cannabidiol. Well, there’s no universally recommended CBD dosage–most clinicians and scientists readily admit it. Dosage guidelines don’t exist yet since there haven’t been large-scale clinical trials conducted so far. Even the Food and Drug Administration is still learning about cannabidiol. They’re still trying to find out more about CBD’s cumulative effects on the body. While no actual data is produced yet, the decision for ultimately regulating cannabidiol isn’t likely to arrive soon.

Existing research, however, already suggests that CBD appears to be a well-tolerated and safe treatment. So, the lack of regulation doesn’t necessarily mean cannabidiol is unsafe. The most important thing is to always aim for a cautious and informed approach to dosing if you’re interested in experimenting with CBD for managing your anxiety and stress symptoms. It is, of course, always a good idea to lean on the safe side (more about CBD dosing below).

General Cannabidiol Dosing Tips

The fundamental factors that you should consider when devising a general cannabidiol dose include:

  • The severity of your anxiety and stress

  • Concentration of CBD

  • Metabolism

  • Body Weight

The concentration of cannabidiol is generally expressed as mg or milligrams per container.

Use a dosage calculator or an application to help you settle on a perfect dose. Based on how severe the symptoms and your body weight, dosage calculators provide the recommended CBD dose in milligrams.

Also, keep in mind that your unique body chemistry affects how you respond to cannabidiol. As you probably already know, some people metabolize medicine faster compared to others. That can be attributed to lifestyle or genes. You may benefit from a higher CBD dose if you’re one of those who can metabolize medication quickly.


Plant-derived medications for anxiety and stress, such as cannabidiol, offer a more natural way of dealing with the crippling effects of these disorders. CBD products to alleviate anxiety and stress can be taken as an alternative for commercial medicines. They can also work well within an existing treatment plan, thanks to cannabidiol’s ability to promote better sleep and calm the mind. You can opt to take or use them as drops, vape oils, edibles, or topicals. Article by Dine Magazine Amanda Howard

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