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New is the Forgotten Old: Cupping Therapy

Red Circles on the back probably not from a tick bite that causes Lymes disease .

Cupping has been around for thousands of years dating back to 1550B.C. Did you know that native american people would use cattle horns to extract snake venom? Persons from Indian used cupping to extract insect bite toxins.

*There are two types of cupping: wet and dry. Wet cupping a small hole is made in the tissue and cup placed over. Dry cupping no puncture to the skin is made. Massage therapist only use Dry cupping.

*How is cupping done? A special cup is used to create a vacuum seal for a few minutes or glide the cup across the body softening the tissue. Some practitioners use fire with glass cups heating then place on the body. As a massage therapist silicone or glass cups with a hand held pump is used.

*Why would a massage therapist use this technique? It is used when there is lack of blood flow, pain, or inflammation in the body as well as help a client to relax.

*How does it work? The suction brings blood to the area of the body causing the blood vessels to expand, the tissue is softened and tissue turns red. When the tissue softens the muscles relax.

*Does it hurt? No, the pressure is adjusted so not to cause any pain for the person. Many clients state the areas worked now feel softer and muscles have relaxed.

*Will there be marks and how long will they last? It depends on each person's body tissue and how long the cups are stationary. The time may be a few minutes to 3 or 4 days.

Tip #1 - Got inflammation?

Try cupping therapy.

Tip #2 - Troubles Relaxing?

Cupping can soften the tissue faster than a massage therapist using their hands, elbows or fingers to go deep.

Tip #3 - Trained Professional in Cupping

As a massage therapist cupping has been very useful for the clients that their muscles are very tight.


New is the well-forgotten old: The use of dry cupping in musculoskeletal medicine

"cupping is an inexpensive, noninvasive and low-risk (if performed by a trained practitioner) therapeutic modality, we believe that it should be included in the arsenal of musculoskeletal medicine."

Some therapists charge extra for cupping, no extra charge at Red Cedar Healing

At Red Cedar Healing educating each client to help the healing process of the journey of health. Book your massage today! I am here to help!

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